How do I Manually Print Front and Back?

Hello! I am Jerry and here I am going to share an experience that I had with Hp printer. I was searching for efficient guidelines to manually conduct the printing process for both the front and back of the paper. In the meanwhile, I got a source which made me acquainted with relevant methods to know about the process. Please go through this to enhance your knowledge also.

It is needless to explain the importance of the Hp printer even in the current time. The Internet world, however, has thrown its strong impact. Despite this, the printer has not lost its importance at all. We have come across various questions related to printing activities. But through this blog post, we will deal with one of those. The question is actually how do I manually print front and back?

As far as printing is concerned then it is the most important activity. Since this is the printed words only that makes people aware of on paper. Online storage is not a tough task but having an offline file of confidential documents plays an important role.

Taking all the initiative to conduct the process is better than depending upon a certain thing. Manual work is not preferred by people in recent times but having a concrete knowledge is another thing.

The printing activities on both sides of a paper are called duplex printing. It is an important term that everyone should know. Many printing machines are there that offer the option to automatically print on both sides. But some of the printing machines instruct to perform the printing task manually.

Steps to print the paper on both sides manually:

In case if you find that your printing machine is not supporting the duplex feature then you may also follow another technique. Print your paper through the following steps:

  •  Make click on the file tab
  •  After that tap on the print option
  •  Later under the settings option, tap on the print one-sided option and again tap the option manually print on both sides.
  •  At the time of printing, you will see that word is prompting you to turn over the stack to place pages into the printer.

Methods to print odd and even pages:

You may choose these given points to conduct the printing process on both sides:

  • Tap on the File tab
  • Make click on the print option
  • Now you observe that under the settings options, you may click on print all pages options.
  • Once again near the bottom of the gallery tap on the option available as only print odd pages.
  • Make click on the print button available at the top of the gallery.
  • After that, you will see that odd pages have been printed.
  •  In the next step, again you will be required to tap on the print all pages.
  •  In the last, tap on only print even pages lying at the bottom of the gallery.

These are the steps to help you out to your queries. The only requirement is that you have to follow all these steps attentiveness at all costs. Different printers have varying features, but some of them might be similar. Whatever it may, but knowing the appropriate technique is significant.


The duplex printing through the manual steps asks for more attention. Thus if you have chosen this particular method then you may call us at our HP Printer Customer Service Contact Number +1 (844) -444-4174. Preparing the paper printed on both sides may be done through certain methods given in the above section. Apart from this, we stay available for our customers 24/7 hours. So you may feel free to dial our number upon requirement anytime.

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